Let’s talk Corona (COVID-19)

The Corona virus caught us all by surprise like many of the previous outbreaks before it. While it has become a source of many funny memes and videos. It has also become a source of lose, fear and panick. And the media isn’t making things any easier either. They making it seem like the apocalypse is happening tomorrow. People are fighting over toilet paper, others … Continue reading Let’s talk Corona (COVID-19)

A Beautiful World

#intentionalliving Hello, happy new month!! I just watched this video that reminded me of something I have been learning about recently. The video was posted by @blackwall.st on Instagram, and it talked about consumption, and not food but words and vision. You see, everyday you consume information from the news, tv, radio,social media good or bad, it’s registered in our minds. The problem is, when … Continue reading A Beautiful World

Neoannophobia(Fear of New Year)

It’s 2019!!! I still can’t even believe it, to be honest am still holding my breath hoping it’s still 2018.  I know New year usually means ambtion, new light and all that good stuff. Unfortunately  it’s not feeling that way at the moment, am hopeful that it’s going to get better, (it has too, right?). Don’t get me wrong I have a plan for the … Continue reading Neoannophobia(Fear of New Year)