Let’s talk Corona (COVID-19)

The Corona virus caught us all by surprise like many of the previous outbreaks before it. While it has become a source of many funny memes and videos. It has also become a source of lose, fear and panick. And the media isn’t making things any easier either. They making it seem like the apocalypse is happening tomorrow. People are fighting over toilet paper, others stealing hand sanitizer from bathrooms and Uber. It’s insane!! But also very sad.

I was reminded that it’s during times if crisis that we show strength and weakness. It’s during times of distress that most people forget simple morals such as love and respect for each other.

Let’s not allow this virus make us loose sight of who we are to our loved ones but most importantly to our neighbors. Let’s not let the fear the devil is trying to nature in our hearts over come the love and light we are called to shine in the world. The Bible says in

2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind

May this scripture be the guideline for us all during this hard time. As we are shopping and stocking up supplies in case of emergency shutdown. Let’s not forget to love one another, to still be considerate and share with each other when the toilet paper runs out in the store 😂. And as we are stocking up our pantry, and sharing love, let’s not forget to educate ourselves on how to avoid getting infected. Stay updated and continue to stay safe. Because above all else, God’s plan for us are good, not to harm us but for us to prosper.



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