The New Decade

It’s taken me awhile to even put my head around the idea that this is a new decade. Even more suprised that we are more than halfway through the first month already.

2019 was a beautiful year, and it was abit rough too but hey, which year isnt. There’s alot of times I thought I was going crazy, the self doubt almost drowned me. Many times that I felt lost and unsure of what was going on.

But there were the good times too. Times to be grateful and thankful for. The amazing friends that didn’t give up on me, the strangers who just planted good words in my life. There were also Lyft and Uber drivers that listened, and reminded me to always be nice. 2019 was remarkable. It will, like so many years before it be remembered for the crazy Winters, the beautiful spring flower, the very hot summers, and colorful fall.

We’ll also remember the fires. According to Cal Fire statistics 85 people perished. About 153,000 acres were burned and 18,800 structures were destroyed.  The Amazon fires which quite frankly were something we could have August National geographic reported that over 76,000 were burning across the Amzon. And then there’s the Australian fires that have still followed us to the new year. 2019 was definitely a year with lots to remember.

And then 2020 began, to many of us it meant new beginnings to some a continuation of life, to others it’s just another year. Either way, 2020 it here and like the years before it, it’s going to have it’s crazy beautiful and pretty ugly moments. We are going to laugh and cry, gain and loose, love and hate, rise and fall. And I hope through it all, we remember to take moments to truly see us and the world through the eyes of God.

Here’s to the ones we lost, to the things we regret, but most importantly, here’s to the new decade, to new found knowledge, to beautiful people and to new adventures.

Love, Emillie