La beauté du Monde(beauty of the world)

Hello beautiful people!!I want to start off this blog by wishing you a happy new month, it’s already 2 weeks in and I have been meditating on how the past four months have been so far. God has been gracious to me and I’m so thankful forWe are in spring here in Washington, coming from the harsh Winter we had the past couple of months am estatic to see the flowers blooming, sun shining everything is absolutely gorgeous and colorful. I take walks from work sometimes, and it’s been very relaxing (when it’s not raining)We are usually so focused on how successful we are or can be, how much we have in our accounts, how many people are following us on social media, the negativity on the news, that we forget to appreciate the beautiful moments, even the ones happening right in front of us.I have come to an understanding that nothing is constant. There’s seasons in life, time to ripe and time to sow time to laugh and time to cry, a time to be born and a time to die.Appreciating the little things in life is just as important as our big ambitions and successes. The birds, the flowers, the sun, the ability to walk, talk, smile, love, laugh, the moments we share with people, animals etc because everything on this world will parish and all that will be left is the beautiful memories we choose to make.Life’s too precious, take advantage of each second you get.Love,Emilie

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