Why Self love?

I recently started appreciating self worth, and how important it is for all of us to be in connection to our true selves. For so long all i did was find my worth in the things i surrounded myself with, i had a very loving and strong mother, an amazing group of friends and always found support in my three brothers. So i didn’t luck in emotional support, but i have come to realize that while all of this was amazing, i grew up to depend on these people for everything. I knew GOD had my back but its not like i really had a relationship with him.

A few years before i moved to USA, i soon came to the conclusion that something was missing in my life, so decided to take a major step in growing my relationship with God, but something was still missing, when i went back to my dorm, with no TV or friends around, i knew something was missing. Even though i was convinced of all the things God says about me, when i looked in the mirror i didn’t see a loved girl, i saw lost girl, i didn’t see strong, i saw broken, i didn’t see a child of God, i saw an undeserving girl. It wasn’t until last year that i realized, the most important person to love me, is me. God had blessed me with the gift of love, but I had failed to use it on myself. It didn’t matter how much anyone else loved me, if i didn’t love myself, how could i believe someone else did.

Make the decision to be more intentional on how you treat yourself, stop watching things that hurt your spirit, start going places you enjoy, give up relationships that hurt you, forgive yourself for the past, let go of all that anger you have been holding onto for so long. Start living life for you, not what anyone expects from you. Find out what has been holding you back, give it up so you can be the best version when you give love to anyone else in your life. I mean, you can only give what you have, if you don’t have love how do you expect to give it.



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