Relm of your Glory!!

It’s a very cold day here in Tacoma, am all bundled up, reading the word before bed, then I remembered this song we used to sing at church in Uganda. 

‘this is the relm of your glory,

This is the relm of your grace,

I can feel your mighty power, 

It is moving in this place, laa la”

And I just felt the spirit feel me up, this is indeed God’s relm, why do I force things to happen. I started to just worship be him, his amazing Grace, his love and kindness, his beauty, He is such an amazing God. Am in awe of his greatness, sometimes the world gets too loud I forget just how awesome He really is. I know for a fact when people say his indescribable, it is true. You only have to be more mindful of His presence and you will see it.

Starting the gratitude jar has seriously made me realize just how much God gets me through even without my asking, how much his love follows me, how close he is to me and how little I appreciate it on a daily basis.

I have been struggling with my finances lately, and I have been getting so worked up about it, then it dawned on me that just last in July I had less than $1000 saved up, and two years ago I had absolutely nothing in my name. I realized that most times we focus so much on the situation in front of us that we forget to appreciate just how much has been accomplished in our lives in a short period of time. Give yourself more credit and also allow God to work in you.

 This is His relm, let him fight your battles, it’s better to live in His rest than to struggle. Rest in his promises, because they are true, just lay it all at his feet, let Him take care of you. Our God is good!



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