Mt.Rainier (Went snowshoeing)

A few weeks to the end of 2018, i managed to conjure up the guts to go snowshoeing on the mountain. This is something that i always wanted to do but was scared of. The idea of being in too snow just freaked me out so much. Am glad my friends got me to go with them, it was a bit of a drive but once we started driving the paradise trail(our staring point) i saw just how magnificent it was being so close to this glorious creation.

It amazing how humbling standing before a mountain can make you feel, it was so beautiful, the air was clean, cold but clean. I always see this mountain on my way to work, it seemed smaller and now i see the injustice i was doing to myself by not getting close to it. The tracks were scraping the snow to make the road easier to see, all the trees were covered in snow and only a few branches were visible. I had my outfit ready but soon realized that i had brought the wrong gloves(i had two right hand gloves) i also forgot to bring my sun glasses, luckily there is a gift shop where you can hire gear for whichever activity you came for. If you’re as forgetful as i am, I recommend you pack a day before and double check everything before you leave.  It was my first time walking in that much snow, even though we didn’t walk too long, i loved every minute of it. Am definitely going to visit again, and hopefully i will go further than i did and stay a little longer.

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