Neoannophobia(Fear of New Year)

It’s 2019!!! I still can’t even believe it, to be honest am still holding my breath hoping it’s still 2018.  I know New year usually means ambtion, new light and all that good stuff. Unfortunately  it’s not feeling that way at the moment, am hopeful that it’s going to get better, (it has too, right?). Don’t get me wrong I have a plan for the year, and have taken a few measures to keep me on truck,like. It’s just that the pressure is serious and seeing things happening for other people while you struggle to put your life together just makes me feel like am a looser or incompetent.  Sorry that that my first blog of the year is such a buzz kill. I don’t like feeling sorry for myself because it’s not something am good at. I know this year isn’t going to be easy, but I also believe it’s going to be very productive. I have big plans and am going to pray that God gives me the knowledge and courage to persevere through the toughest moments of it.  Remember, our biggest asset is time, cease each moment because it will not come back, put God above everything.  Love  Emillie

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