My 25th birthday (quarter century)

Yeeee!!!!! 25th birthday, yes yes, I know I don’t look it but I actually turned 25 this month.

The past 2 weeks have been a roller coaster, I seriously wasn’t sure if I should be grateful or terrified. One of the hardest things about moving to USA as an adult is having to see people younger than me accomplish more than I have. I work with alot of people younger than me, which is something I commend this country on.from a young age people learn about hard work, saving, financial responsibility which I didn’t really get to learn about until a few years ago. So many people my age, don’t even know how to write a resume, and for some reason, this made me feel less than my age mates

Anyway, decided to pray and stay positive during this time and not dwell to much on my unstable feelings cause honestly, feelings are so unreliable.  However, the closer I got to my birthday the more uneasy I felt, I tried not to show my feelings to anyone. Then the week of my birthday came, i swear to God I have never felt this much love in my entire life. It wasn’t my birthday yet but I received wishes and gifts and reminders, my friends went all out with kind, loving praises, gifts, I can’t even. Slowly I started warming up on the thought of being 25.

I told my friend Gina, ‘I don’t even feel like am turning 25!’ and she said the most amazing thing, “I still feel 18, its just the number changed” ha ha,I know it sounds silly but it made me feel alot better. Sometimes the silliest thing is exactly what you need to hear. I may not have a car, a house, a perfect relationship with God, sustainable account or feel as mature as I think I should but this is my life, it’s happening right now and I love everybit of it. So I decided to throw a small dinner with a few friends at the house. Cooked some really good food, got a home baked red velvet cake and had me a great time.

I have come to a realization that lifel is not a race, God has a plan for me to get to where he wants me and when.  It may sometimes seem scary where you are in life, but remember, it’s just temporary, don’t let it hinder you from what ever it is you set out to do, enjoy each moment you have before you, it’s priceless.



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