The little things 

Life for the past couple of months has been absolutely amazing. I started a new job, am dedicated to doing this blog, overcame abunch other fears, so life’s good.

I have spent almost two years in the USA, and it’s been such an interesting and challenging journey. I didn’t only leave my life behind, I left a part of me there, fifteen years to be exact. Sometimes I get lonely, and somewhat broke, these little things will remind me of my life in Uganda, like the moments I miss my friends, or when I want to reference to certain joke but I realize no one will really get it or the times am in conversation, I end up using a term only a Ugandan would understand, but it’s also in these moments am reminded that I wasn’t born in Uganda, and it  wasn’t easy getting used to living in there. I know that there’s something beautiful am building here, my new home.

It’s been such a blessing to have the people I have in my life, they don’t even realize sometimes how much they have impacted my life. From my family, church, work mates, my bosses, my friends, random people I meet on the bus or my Uber driver, YouTubers, instagramers, . Honestly, I don’t know if I would have made it this far if it was wasn’t for them playing the roles they do in my life. I believe God designs a plan, He put strategic things and people in your life because he knows you will probably need them more than you think. The other day I was invited to dinner by friends from church, aside from the fact that I ate some absolutely amazing Moroccan food, I met some amazing people too. What my friends didn’t know is that, I had been having such a rough couple of weeks and that day helped me offload and let go of so much. Sometimes am in awe of the amazing things God does for me, even when sometimes I feel undeserving.

As am sitting here writing this blog I can’t help but marvel at how far me and my family have come in the past two years, am super expectant of how much farther we are going. I have alot to be grateful for, from words, actions and all the different kinds of influences in my life, such a blessing to have what I do on this journey. Am in awe of God’s grace in my life honestly, I couldn’t even start to break down how amazing his been to me.

Every laughter, every tear, every joy, every pain, every little thing, seen or unseen is building something in you, and for you. The most important thing i have learnt is that home is where you make it, not where you were born.


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