Makeup Contention

Over the years I have been having a battle within me about whether makeup is good or bad, and just when I had started to enjoy doing make, this topic has come back so I thought I should post my thoughts about this controversial topic

Let me start by saying everything I am writing is based on only my individual opinion you’re allowed to have your own and I love discussions so you can leave a comment whether you agree with me or not.🤗

So the other day, one of my male friends posted this,

Makeup is a harmful drug and once you start to using it, you’ll feel ugly without it.

This statement that I disagree with alot, carries some truth in it which makes me sad.

Most of us start wearing makeup because we want to cover up that dark spot on the forehead, that red lipstick cause it looks sexy. I decided to do a little reading on the background of makeup, It breaks my heart to see how much makeup has been as a result of inferiority complex, so much that in order for people to live up to the standards of their society used chemicals that ended up killing them.

We must all agree that once you let your image be defined by others, you will never be good enough. Years ago,my dark skin was considered less maybe even ugly, some people bleached to fit into the status of beauty, yet today am a goddess with beautiful skin complexion, melanin is in. So you see, according to the world, standards of beauty change, one time makeup is the thing to die for and the next it’s ugly and deceitful.

All of this reminds me of what the extensive truth, self image, yes people, you’re the in thing. Short, tall, dark, brown, white, masculine, curvy, skinny,fat we are gorgeous. Fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.

In my opinion, makeup is a beautiful thing but just like everything else, use it for the wrong reason and you loose yourself in it. Ladies, we are more than that foundation, that lipstick or that eye shadow. If you try walking out without that makeup and feel insecure then maybe it’s starting to take over you. Forget doing things to please people, anyone who doesn’t appreciate you without makeup doesn’t deserve you with makeup.

And to all my male readers, have you considered the fact, just maybe that girl wears makeup cause you tend to give girls with it more attention than you give her?🤔 When you get the answer, remember next time, the pimple on her face doesn’t define her. Women re not meant to be flawless, so like you, we have blemish.

We as a society need to encourage young women and each other to love ourselves, not hiding behind masks for that confidence, believe me, we re so much stronger when we are true to ourselves

Everything in this world is a harmful drug if do it excessively or for the wrong reasons. Take time to rediscover you, not the person you wishing you are.


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