I Think Am Lost


The room is dark,
Everything is black
My world is gone
Can’t see a thing
I think I’m lost
I try to run
My legs re stuck
I hear the voice
It makes no sense
I think I’m lost
I hear my thoughts
They’re running wild
Have no control
I maybe wrong but
I think I’m lost
Can’t breath so well
Heart starts to race
Try slowing down
It gets so worse
I think I’m lost.
I have never been one to put my emotions out there, I listen, watch, advise, read and write(never share my content by the way).
This one I wrote during a very dark moment, nothing I said or did explained this heavyweight in my chest, each time I tried to share, the lump in my throat couldn’t let me.
It’s always been easier for me to keep the worst part of my life away from the light, and this here, was one of the worst. Worse than the first heartbreak, worse than the insults I had received all my life, or the time I thought I was adopted. It just couldn’t go away no matter what I tried.
I was in the dark, with no hope or faith. I was lost…

9 thoughts on “I Think Am Lost

  1. It takes vulnerability to put your heart in the open for others to have a peak of it through the words you write and share. And that’s strength. Keep writing and sharing. You not only write to free yourself from the words that keep lingering in your head. You allow others to live in freedom as well when they read what you share or what you’re going through. Even if it’s a post about your struggles, it will help them know they are not struggling alone. It lessens the burden. Even more beautiful when you share how God helped you through it. They will see hope alive.

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